An important thing that people often forget to do is to “do nothing”.

It is assumed that by “doing nothing” you are not doing anything.   But you are.   You are waiting.

“Nothing” is crucial important part of our human experience, as represented by the wide array of ways that “nothing” is represented.

There’s the Zero in mathematics for Nothing.   There is NULL in logic, which is even “more nothing” than Zero.   There’s a variety of “pause” symbols in written music, a period and a semicolon and a dash in literature indicating different durations and meanings of “nothing”.

In life, there is simply Waiting.

When there is no indication or reason as to which path to choose, it is perfectly reasonable to sit a while and wait until one appears.   If you have nowhere you need to be, there is no reason to rush there.   “Stop and smell the roses” is a common expression of the value of just stopping and enjoying a moment, an hour, a day, or longer if need be.

We still go about our mundane needs of work and sleep, but it is fine to do “Nothing” as an active experience of inaction.

I think that this is the most paradoxical thing I’ve ever written that both makes sense and has important meaning.