Welcome to A Path.org, my eclectic mix of autobiography, philosophy, conversation and teaching.

I had been spending too much time and effort in trying to secure all the material things in life. I was losing focus on what was really important. This site was started because I was feeling the pull to bring Spirit back into my life.

I couldn’t decide where to direct my energies. I wanted to keep a journal of sorts. I wanted to teach what I have learned over the years. I wanted a place where I could discuss various topics and issues. Since I couldn’t decide which route to take, I decided to take all of them, and this web site was born.

The first thing many people ask is, “So, who the heck are you to be preaching all this stuff?” and other similar questions, so I’ll start right off with my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Why is this site called A Path?
A: I believe that everyone walks their own path through life seeking growth and union with Spirit, whatever they perceive Spirit to be. Different religions take their paths through different territories, different cultures affect the scenery, and each person walks a slightly different path. However, All Paths Eventually End at Spirit. This site describes my path and what I’ve seen along the way. It is not THE Path, it is just A Path.

Q: So, who the heck are you?
A:  I am a self-taught computer guru that has been involved with metaphysics since I was fourteen years old (I’m 48 now). I have been learning and teaching for years formally and informally, and wanted to make some of the concepts I’ve come up with over the years available online to others who may be seeking answers to see if they “fit” for them.

Q: Why should I listen to you?
A: Why not? I’ve learned what I have in life by reading and listening to whatever I could find. Take what helps you and toss the rest.

Q: What training do you have?
A: I have no formal training in any occult system or religious mysticism. However, I have been “researching” it for more than thirty years though an exhaustive educational process called “living”. It is great for teaching you things whether you want to learn them or not. And if you are actually trying to learn things, it is even better!

Q: Where did you come up with all this stuff then?
A: Through a lifetime of reading, listening and observing, and then trying to put it all together into something that makes sense to me. I have taken various classes which helped bring some of my ideas into better focus, but it has been primarily through observation and research. The concepts are drawn from a variety of eastern and western sources, with my own ideas added in.

Q: What religion is this?
A: It is not a religion. It is just what I think. However, for those looking for a starting point, the closest religion that I’ve found is eclectic Wicca. The majority of my beliefs align closely with Wiccan beliefs and I’ve adopted a few of the Wiccan labels for things, but I was not “Wiccan-trained”.

Rather I developed my own personal spirituality over the years, learning and experiencing many different philosophies and beliefs and picking and choosing the ones that “rang true” for me, and arranged them in a way that made sense to me.

It is not a formal religion. It is a spiritual framework that I have built for myself that works for me. If anyone else finds pieces of it that they find useful, I am happy to have helped in some way. It has bits and pieces that may come directly or indirectly from a variety of western and eastern religions. Where I can identify a particular doctrine’s viewpoint, I will try to mark it as such.

Q: Do you believe in God / Spirit / Divinity?
A: Yes, but probably not in the way that you expect. I see The Universe around us as Divine, along with every aspect of it. You, me, that creepy guy around the corner, the squirrel in your back yard, the chair you are sitting on. All of it, Divine.

Q: Are you trying to convert me?
A: Nope. Not a bit. I am making this site primarily for me. Through teaching you learn amazing things, so I have structured this as a teaching site to help me to think about how to present my ideas and help me to crystallize my thoughts on different subjects so that I can present them clearly.

Q: Can I convert you?
A: You’re free to try through any peaceful means if you really want to. I try to remain open to any other ideas and welcome reasonable challenges to my belief system. If you just want to tell me that I’m going somewhere bad when I die because I think this way, don’t waste your time. I’ve been through it plenty of times. However, if you think you have a logical argument for why a particular idea on this site seems wrong, please let me know and I will happily consider your points and evaluate my own beliefs in relation to them.

Q: Can I contact you?
A: Sure, just send an email to webmaster@apath.org.

Note: I have spam-blocking software installed and you may need to reply to the message you get back from it or I won’t ever see your message. It’s a hassle, but I get new spam every 5 minutes or less and I had to do something.

This site was originally created in 2004 and gets attention at random times.  Some parts of it may be outdated or use old (or wrong) terminology.  If you see something I goofed up or would like to see more on a particular topic just post in the forum or email me and let me know.