Over the years, I have attempted to explain my perception of Divinity and how it relates to the Universe we experience around us. My basic premise is that the Divine and the Universe are the same thing. To prevent me from having to repeatedly put “Divinity/Universe” in my writings, I am creating a new word to express the combination of Divinity and Universe: Diviniverse (pronounced “DIV-in-I-verse”).

Here are the basic priniciples of the Diviniverse.

Divinity IS the Universe. The Universe IS the Divine.

Just as you are the sum of all YOUR parts, Divinity is the sum of ALL parts. It is, quite literally, the Universal Consicousness. Or more directly, the Universe’s Consiousness.

From this I draw a number of important points:

Divinity Is Not Separate from Anything

There is often debate as to whether Divinity is separate from Creation or if Divinity permeates everything. If Divinity IS the Universe, then the answer is, Divinity IS everything. Not separate from, not permeates, but IS everything.

Divinity is Matter, Energy and Whatever Else There May Be

If everything in the Universe is Divinity, then all aspects of the Universe are Divine, be it matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, or whatever else there may be.

Divinity is not Male, Female or Any Other Sex or Gender

It is not possible to assign Divinity a sex or gender. Since it contains all sexual aspects including male, female, androgeny as well as sexless/genderless aspects, it is impossible to accurately assign any single sexual or gender label to it.

Monotheism and Polytheism are Both Correct

Monotheistic (one Divinity) or polythesistic (many Divinities) systems can coexist and both be correct in their own ways.

I see them to be two ways of viewing the same thing, the same way you would see white light (a monothesitic viewpoint) or a spectrum of lights (a polythestic viewpoint). White light is not “less white” because it is composed of other colors. Nor can you say that there are not other colors in white light, just because you can’t see them right then.

They can both be true, so long as you are looking at it in the correct way for your viewpoint.

For example, Monotheists can claim that they are looking at “All of Divinity” or that they are focused on “a particular aspect of Divinity” and be correct in their beliefs.

Additionally, Polytheists can identify “various aspects of Divinity” that they personify into particular gods or goddesses.

They are equally valid, but different, ways of looking at things.

Everything is Holy (of Divinity)

If I am a part of Divinity, and You are a part of Divinity, and the mailbox at the corner is a part of Divinity, and the third moon of Jupiter is a part of Divinity, then this makes everything Holy.

Treat it as such.

Divinity Expresses Itself Through Us All

Since we are all aspects of Divinity, it expresses itself through us and our actions. It also expresses itself through a cricket chirping and through the collisions of galaxies, so don’t get too cocky just because you’re human.

Creationism and Evolution are the Same Thing

I see Creationism as an analogy of the Universal and planetary evolution, much in the same way I see Divinity as the personification of nature and the Universe.

You Can’t Do Anything “Against Divinity”

Unless you’re a genius mad scientist who has figured out how to destroy the Universe in totality, pretty much anything else that is claimed to be “Against” the divine is basically just silly.

Microcosm and Macrocosm Concepts:

You Are The Sum of Your Parts

You, the individual, conscious, self-aware person you are are made up of billions of increasingly smaller parts, which combine to create your physical form.

Your body is created and maintained by a number of physical and non-physical systems systems. Physical systems include circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, etc. Non-physical systems include your aura, your “energy’s circulatory system” that is manipulated in arts like accupuncture, your psychic senses, and so on.

The various physical systems in your body contain organs, which are in a sense aware of their condition (ie: injured or not, too hot or cold) and the job they are doing (ie: blood needs more oxygen, eyes need to dilate). Your non-physical systems are also comprised of organs, such as chakras and meridians.

Your organs are then comprised of tissues which monitor and/or change your body’s internal environment.

These tissues are made up of individual cells.

The individual cells can be made up of organelles.

All this is build on a variety of proteins, salts, lipids and other materials.

And these basic building blocks are built of molocules.

Which are made of atoms.

Which are made up of sub-atomic particles.

Which are made of energy.

Through the intricate system of all of these individual components working together with the higher and lower systems (ie: microcosm to macrocosm and vice versa) your physical body functions and provides you with the sense of self.

There is an awareness, an ability to perceive and react, at each of these levels that increases in bredth and power as you move up the change. It is this increasing complexity of systems that provides a broader range of ways to perceive (senses) and ways to react to those perceptions (actions and reactions).

It’s Bigger Than Just You

Just as we started with “You” and went smaller, we can start with “You” and get bigger. Here is the path we take going the other way, which start off as social arrangement and expand to encompass, well, everything.

Social (Includes, human, animal, plant and minerals) Physical
Your family or immediate, intimate community Your home. The environment you live in.
Your community, the people you deal with on a regular basis. The local environment beyond your home you function in on a regular basis.
Your town, city, county, state. Groups of people who you have limited regular contact with, but affect and are affected by Your ecosystem. The larger environment that affects and is affected by your local one.
Your country. The organizational level that provides your sense of ethnicity or nationality.
Your continent. Provides a sense of geographical identity.
Humans Earth (Gaia)
Life Solar System
Galactic Clusters
Divinity Universe

The way I look at it, just as awareness gets greater within you personally as the complexity and bredth of the systems increases, so it does beyond you personally.

But wait, you say: “There is no awareness at the family/town/national/Earth level!’ Perhaps not, but I believe that there is. The additional sensory input, awareness, processing power and ability to create change in these groups provides the same facilities that you do at your personal level, and then some.

Just as your spleen does not share in the cumulative awareness of your circulatory system, let alone your complete awareness as a complete person, you personally do not perceive the larger awareness of these larger “organisms”.

When you take it all the way to the top, to the biggest part, you end up with the Universe, which has the total sensory and processing power available through the integration of all its subsequent parts. Which we call Divinity.

That’s all, folks.

Hope it made sense!