This was copied from my post in a discussion on how to keep groups from crumbling under the normal crap of politics and bitchcraft…

One of the things that I’m trying to figure out is how to keep us from becoming what we hate: judgmental and holier-than-thou.

I realized that I have been guilty of this in my own right in my desire to squish flat the proverbial¬†“fluffy bunnies”.

While I personally see a lack of balance in their belief systems, if I actually adhere to my desire to be non-judgmental of others beliefs, can I honestly fault them for a belief system that works for them?

Perhaps “non-judgmental” is not the correct term. I feel that it is actually quite important to be judgmental in life. It is how we navigate through the missteps and wrong turns life abounds with. It is our “personal crap filter” to use a cruder term.

While it is quite within my prerogative to judge the fluffy bunnies’ beliefs as unbalanced, I also recognize that paths to balance almost always include radical swings to one side or the other before settling in the middle, and that this is probably a quite-natural step in personal spiritual evolution.

For me to write them off as having beliefs ‘less-worthy’ than my own would be hypocritical, and too much hypocrisy was what led me to my current path to begin with. While it would provide my life with an ironic symmetry, I prefer to actually uphold my beliefs that each person’s path may be exactly the right one for them, whether I personally like it or not.

Never thought I’d be defending the bunnies, but there you go.

Ain’t life strange.