As a Teacher, you can teach that the teacher does not know everything. The teacher knows the things the Student wants to learn, and has the skill to transfer this knowledge and experience to them.

As a Teacher, you can teach that even you make mistakes, look foolish, and do really dumb things at times. And it’s okay. It’s part of the process.

As a Teacher, you can teach that you don’t HAVE to know everything. In fact, you CAN’T know everything, and while it’s fun to try, know that you’ll never reach the end of what you can learn.   Even a Master does not know everything. They possess only the ability to know whatever they need to, and the confidence that they will learn anything required of them to walk their path.

As a Teacher, you can show that there are as many ways to learn as there are to teach. Each person learns a different way, and ideally you can find styles within your skill sets that work harmoniously with your students and how they, as individuals, learn best.

As a Teacher, you can teach that you are just as hungry to learn as the Student. You are learning different things, but the motion is the same.

As a Teacher, you can teach that the lessons get harder the more you learn, and this is to be expected. The Beginner is only trying to collect and store information, the Intermediate is figuring out how to integrate it all, and the Expert is trying to find new information that nobody else has yet recorded.

As a Teacher, you are like a funnel. You take in vast quantities of information (the big side of the funnel) and must figure out how to present them in a much more concise fashion to your Students (the small side of the funnel). You must control what flows, the force of the flow, and make sure it is unimpeded by obstacles.

As a Teacher, you can show that you learn as much from your Students as they learn from you. Just in different ways.

As a Teacher, you are a Student. As a Student, you are a Teacher.   There is no need to switch roles if these aspects of your being are integrated. You can simply be “You” and it will simply work itself out. Those who come to you to learn, will, and those who come to teach you, also will. Because that is how it will naturally flow.   If you are simply “You” there is no need to wonder which face you should show, for you will always show your own.   As with most things when you ask “Which way is the current pulling me” the answer is simply found in letting go and letting the current answer the question for you.