Anyone who lives their lives with a primary purpose of helping others is on a Path of Service.

Common Paths of Service include:

  • Teachers
  • Healers
  • Clergy
  • Guides
  • Doctors
  • Soldier
  • Leaders
  • Counselors

Most people, in fact, could be considered to be on a Path of Service, and it is largely their intent that determines whether they truly are or not.   For example, a real estate agent could easily be considered on a Path of Service for helping people find their new homes and deal with this stressful time of life.   However, if their primary motivation is to make money and they don’t really care about the people they work with other than towards that end, then I would not consider them to be on such a path.

The fact that you make money or not is irrelevant to the distinction.   It is what your intent is that determines whether you are on a path or just working a job.