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Welcome to

The purpose of this site is to provide inspiration and helpful resources to the pagan community. I hope to pass on the lessons I have learned over the last 20+ years of paganism in a simple format and provide an open and interesting forum for people to discuss these ideas.

Site-Wide Disclaimer:

Nothing here is "the real truth" or "the one true path". Each person has their "own true path" to walk in life, and what rings true for one person may not be right for someone else. I simply present what rings true for me in the hopes that it may help others to find their own paths from the landmarks I've found along my own. I can't make this much more clear than the name of this site: "A Path". Not "The Path". Just "A Path."

Though I may say "this is the way" or similar things throughout the site, do not interpret this to mean that the way you or anybody else does it is wrong. It is simply literary shortcut so I don't keep repeating "this is the way I see it and it may be different for you" all over the site.

Read the above paragraph ten or twenty times until you remember it. Okay, now you can keep reading...

Below are a variety of topics and essays I have written to help to pass on my personal philosphy to others who might benefit from it in some way. To view a topic, simply click on the banner for that section. Some topics have printer-formatted copies avaiable as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. To view or print these, simply click on the icon on the right margin.

Latest Additions:

This is the handout from my Intuition Workshop class.

It discusses what intuition is, how it works, why we have it and how to get in touch with it.

This class draws heavily on the material in The Gift Of Fear by Gavin De Becker. This is one of the best books I have ever read on the subjects of Fear and Intuition and I highly recommend that everybody read this book. This book can change your life, and might even save it.

The Living Rede

The Living Rede is my "Spiritual Life 101" lesson plan. It was written to condense all the most important lessons I've learned in my life into a single printed page. The meaning of life, karma, magic, energy, balance. It's all in there.

In each section, I break down each stanza into a lesson plan. Each lesson contains three sections: Summary, Lecture and Lab. The Summary is short explanation, the Lecture is a detailed explanation and the Lab contains things you can do to experience the lesson and integrate it into your life.

This is still a work in progress and not all pages are completed. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions in the forum.

Click Here for a printable copy of The Living Rede. Feel free to give copies to all your friends, print out 50 copies on parchment paper and donate them to your local new age bookstore and pass them out at your meetings. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print it.

Ritual Creation Worksheet

The Ritual Creation Worksheet is a quick and efficient way to organize your ideas when creating a new ritual. It is great for designing a new ritual, documenting an existing one, and providing a standardized format for sharing rituals with others.

This worksheet is updated periodically and you can tell if you have the latest version by looking at the Version Number at the top. Please feel free to contact me or make suggestions in the forum. I will do my best to incorporate your suggestions into the worksheet and put a new version up for all to benefit from.

You may freely distribute this worksheet and use it in your own groups as long as you retain the credits, version number and copyright notice in the top right corner.

We have two versions of the worksheet available. They are both in Adobe Acrobate (PDF) format. If you need the program to print them, you can download it for free from

Click below on the version you want (or get them both).

To be notified when new updated versions of the worksheet come out, please subscibe to our mailing list at the bottom of any page.

An interesting analysis of the logical foundation on which people base their beliefs, and why their beliefs can not be logically imposed upon you.

A properly created religion can give you personal control influence guidance over the wallets minds hearts of those who feel that being a Free-Thinking Individual is way too much work.

We provide you with our simple format to take you through the basic steps, from creating your own Gods and Goddesses to creating a simple yet ambiguous framework for your followers to try to conform to.

With our humble guidance, you'll be able to start up your own cult sect denominiation religion in no time and have all the power money control faith you need to get you through this mortal coil.

Ishta Devata: Chosen Dieity

How do I find a god, goddess or both that is right for me?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions heard by Barry Deel, an established pagan teacher, psychic and healer. In our first guest article, Barry explains and explores the Hindu concept of Ishta Devata: "Chosen Deity".

If you have ever wondered which god, goddess or combination of them both might be right for you, this article provides you with the tools to get started on your quest.

The Diviniverse

Over the years, I have attempted to explain my perception of Divinity and how it relates to the Universe we experience around us. My basic premise is that the Divine and the Universe are the same thing. To prevent me from having to repeatedly put "Divinity/Universe" in my writings, I am creating a new word to express the combination of Divinity and Universe: Diviniverse (pronounced "DIV-in-I-verse").

Click Here to learn the basic priniciples of the Diviniverse.

A Framework for Inner Peace

Almost everyone would like answers to some of the really tough questions life makes us ask.

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?  
  • Why do people die when they are still needed?  
  • Why is there suffering in the world?

Through the integration of a number of my own personal beliefs, I have found answers that have helped me to accept these things.

I would like to share them with you here in the hopes that you may find solace in your own life, or at least find some partial answers that may help you to understand life's tragedies and why they may occur.

Click Here to read A Framework for Inner Peace.

Exploring Relationships

This is the handout for a class I recently gave on Exploring Relationships.

The goal was to provide people with a realistic and objective map of the relationships in their lives.

It also provides a variety of new ways of looking at your relationships in composite, as opposed to "one at a time" which may help people to realize just how full their lives are, as well as finding areas to which they may wish to pay more attention.

Click Here to learn about Exploring Relationships.

INVEST Your Vote

How to Change the World by Voting Your Truth

Here's a radical idea: Actually vote for something you believe in.

I know this is a radical notion in these times where you are repeatedly told that any vote other than for one of the two main parties is a "wasted" vote.

Here I lay out the benefits of actually voting for a person or party that you actually like when you don't like either of the two main choices offered.

Much like having your unspent money grow through investing it, you can also make your votes increase in power over time by investing them in something you actually believe in.

Click here to read more about Investing Your Vote.

Some definitions of the differences between White, Grey and Black Magic. Though magic itself is neutral, how it is used determines its "color". This section provides guidelines as to the color of magic you or others may be using and how to identify it based on simple criteria.

One day while I was feeling philosophical I thought of this, so I posted my answer to the question here for others to consider.

Expanded on from Stanza 23 in The Living Rede, this is is my evolving study of Human Gender. I expanded the typical classifications of genders by breaking out differences in Physical, Personality and Preferences. I also introduces some new terms to the gender classification system.

This is not yet complete, as I will be adding "asexual" as a category, along with expanding the "preference" option to include all other genders, not just Male/Female/Androgenous.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I enjoy waxing philosphical with people and encourage the exchange of thoughts and ideas with each other.

All I ask is that you are respectful of others' beliefs and opinions and treat everybody else in the forums with respect and dignity. I am using some pretty powerful forum software that has the ability to limit the posting ability and frequency per account. I hope to not have to use it, but be aware that it is there and play nice.

Feel free to comment or make suggestions in the forum.

Thank you for visiting!

I hope you find this site as interesting to read as I have found it to write. I thank the people and organizations who have been helpful in the pagan community. At least the few that I know of.

I have put links to a variety of helpful orginzations in the Links page. I invite you to check out these wonderful resources and support their efforts and/or business.

Blessed Be,

- Brian G.

If you'd like a view into what goes on behind the articles posted here, you may view my personal journal (blog) here:

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The Living Rede

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